Pressure Washer Pump

RKV4G40 RKV4G40HD-F24 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump Replaces RSV4G40 RRV4G40

RKV4G40 RKV4G40HD-F24 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump Replaces RSV4G40 RRV4G40

RKV4G40 RKV4G40HD-F24 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump Replaces RSV4G40 RRV4G40

Direct Drive Pressure Washer Pump (Nickel Plated Head) 4000 PSI 4.0 GPM. This pump is also a better replacement for the RSV4G40 and RRV4G40 pumps. And for the price you cannot beat it.

The RSV does have connecting rods in it but in the pump world we would consider it a medium duty pump while the RRV4G40 is a good pump but is not the quality of the RKV4G40. Both pumps side by side going through the same rigorous work, the RKV4G40 will hands down last longer than its RSV and RRV counterpart. Also the RKV pumps has a an unloader that mounts to the side of the pump where the RSV and many other pumps have a built in unloader.

With the built in unloader you run the risk of getting internal damage to the pump head and you also are limited to only being able to use one unloader (and it is usually more expensive). All Pumps Are Not The Same. There are a lot of new pumps being imported from China and other countries and there is nothing wrong with that -- but all pumps that are imported are not the same. We sell imported pumps and OEM pumps and some of our imported pumps are just as good as the OEM. But we have seen a trend over the last couple of years where every season new pumps are coming out.

1 Will I be able to get parts for this pump if one small part breaks- or will I have to replace the whole pump if parts go bad? This is especially true for the smaller vertical shaft pumps. We sell a lot of AR vertical shaft pumps and have seen over the last three years at least ten different vertical shaft pumps come out. Out of those ten just a few of them, to our knowledge, had parts readily available.

I cannot tell you the number of calls we get from people looking for parts for these pumps and no one has them. 2 Is this item being warrantied from a US based company that will stand behind the pump or replace it if we cannot get parts for it.

Most of the OEM pump companies usually have a 1 year on the consumer vertical shaft pumps horizontal shaft pumps and 3-5 years on the commercial horizontal shaft pumps. And please note that it is against defects not against use. Not real good if you pressure wash once a year.

Due to a large amount of damages we are having we are no longer sending the pumps out with the unloader attached. Discharge Pressure: 4,000 PSI. Pump Speed: 3,400 RPM. Horsepower Requirements: 14.55 GHP.

Oil capacity: 13.35 oz. Unloader Inlet: 3/4" GH (garden hose). This pump includes unloader and assembly. Because we sell at our retail location and in other places on the internet we sell hundreds of items per week and there are times when we will back order items while waiting for our new stock to arrive. Exceptions may occur only when customer provides P.

Box and not a physical address. Damages: If an item is damaged, please inform the driver and contact the carrier immediately. Also, take notes of the damage and pictures of the item and box. Damages will be handled immediately but credit cannot be given until the item is received. Feedback: Feedback is very important to us. Good communication will fix most problems. Once you leave feedback, we will do the same.
RKV4G40 RKV4G40HD-F24 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump Replaces RSV4G40 RRV4G40